Our history can be traced back to 1982 when Supergenics Solution Sdn Bhd was founded with its principal business activities in construction and trading of building materials. In 1996, Supergenics Solution Sdn Bhd expanded its product offering to provide electrical engineering services for residential, commercial and industrial use. In 2003, Supergenics Solution Sdn Bhd switched its focus to the business of the provision of web-based and remote monitoring and wireless control systems for buildings.

In 2004, Supergenics Solution Sdn Bhd assumed its present name and was involved in the business of renovation work, HVAC systems, mechanical and electrical works for residential, commercial and industrial properties with some cleanroom construction work. In 2008, we were awarded our first major cleanroom construction project where Supergenics Solution Sdn Bhd acted as the main contractor for the installation of HVAC systems in a cleanroom.

In 2010, our Promoters decided to shift the business focus of Supergenics Solution Sdn Bhd to the development of cleanrooms, mainly focusing on cleanrooms used in the life science industry. Leveraging on the engineering experience and technical expertise of our Promoters and their foresight in anticipating the demand for cleanroom development services within the life science industry, we have been able to make inroads in this niche industry. Further thereto, through the initiative of the Promoters, Supergenics Solution Sdn Bhd was able to develop our own digital monitor used in the monitoring of controlled indoor environmental chambers and the effectiveness of other indoor air quality-related products. By the end of the year, Supergenics Solution Sdn Bhd succeeded in further developing the digital monitor into a proprietary laboratory control and monitoring system, namely the SGLMS, which allows users to control, maintain and monitor indoor air quality and performance remotely.